I'm Jonas and I have no idea where this is going. With this blog, but also in general. I'm a freelancing software engineer that fell in love with programming by accident and predisposition in his early 20s. Most of my life I've spent being an anticonformist, behaviour I'm currently letting go of as I'm maturing and mellowing down from the hardliner stances I took as a fiery (well, fierier than I am now, but more camp fire than furnace) youth. Which I guess is the reason for me to take up blogging now, as I no longer believe that it is too cliché for me to be yet another software developer with a blog.

What's the point? Who cares. The point is that I like writing, so why not write a blog. From what I read on the internet on a daily basis, I deduce that writing doesn't have to be all serious and profound, but that it can be just an enjoyable act. At least that is what I'm hoping you guys are doing out there. Having fun, growing as individuals and writers whilst sharing your letters, making yourselves vulnerable by exposing your thoughts and emotions to anybody who cares to read them. So to hell with it, if you enjoy reading the musings of your fellow individuals on the internet, why not give mine a try? Maybe. If you feel like it.

So I guess that is the answer to where this is going. Me having fun writing about stuff I like. Like software and computer science. Or the highs and lows of freelancing and the sweet freedoms and stressful responsibilities that come with it. Or maybe cooking or literature. Philosophy when I'm in a particularly good mood. Random thoughts that pass through my brain that I deem worthy of sharing. Probably not sports, which I enjoy doing and watching but don't really see the point writing about. I have enough to do discussing my personal progress and what's going on in the NBA, NFL and strength sports with my friends. I'm a budding homesteader, so could be that I write about my never-ending experiments—both delicious and horrifying; sometimes both at the same time—with fermentation for preservation and refinement of various kinds of food.

Anyway, I hope that I'll be able to stick to writing a blog for a long time and not abandon it after my first post. And I also hope that you can enjoy it. If not, I'd be delighted to receive constructive criticism from you. Or just rant at me bro; a good way to build mental resilience. Should it be that you enjoy reading my ramblings, you may give me compliments. My fragile ego loves being stroked by random strangers on the internet.

Till then, we'll see how it goes.